Competition in the cloud

Without going too far down the rabbit hole of economic theory, a bit of healthy competition in business will generally benefit the end user or consumer as providers of a product or service are forced to be the best they can be.

And it would appear that cloud computing has created a very competitive market for ERP providers.

As ERP cloud investment and implementation continues to grow, with forecasters agreeing that the trend will continue in the coming years, new players are emerging in the market on the provider side and on the user side.  This leads to competition which will in turn lead to innovation—a good thing for the users.

blog at offers some insight into the change that may be coming and warns that not all new products are complete or robust.  Not only that, but businesses should also be on the watch for software that just mimics older generation products.  Today’s ERP needs to be more than just accounting software.  It should help manage every level of business, and the new competition won’t abide anything less.

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