Cloud Disaster Recovery: Just in case the Mayans were wrong

You may have heard that the Mayans scheduled the earth to end sometime today—actually the most recent archeology has found that the Mayan’s didn’t actually prophesize 2012 as being the end.  But just in case, it would be nice to know our data is secure in the aftermath of apocalypse.

The threat of disaster is a real one to any business, bad movies starring John Cusack notwithstanding.

Cloud computing goes beyond secure off-site storage in this matter.  It can also provide a faster, more reliable and more affordable disaster recovery plan than traditional plans. recently published an article on this subject.

A cloud-based disaster recovery plan is rapidly becoming a critical part of doing business.  Recovery in the cloud is so streamlined, with just a few clicks, “recovery” almost seems like the wrong word.

Of course, if a massive solar flare obliterates everything on earth today, recovery might be beyond the clouds capability.  But just in case a more realistic disaster strikes your business, you will be happy that your data is stored on the cloud.

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