Mobile is here, but who’s managing it?

As more and more people are predicting the end of days for the hardwired PC, mobile computing is gradually becoming the standard.  This happened in the blink of an eye, and believe it or not employees are already using their mobile devices to access data, manage projects, and connect teams according to a recent article at

While organizational leadership might be considering moving their business into cloud mobility, they and their people have already started process.  The reason for this is simple.  Most people use cloud and mobile computing regularly and without much thought.  It is just the way computing and communications happens today.

But this raises a concern.  Are the employees sharing data securely?  It’s more important than ever for adoption to happen at the top so that it can be managed in a way that is compliant, secure, and cost effective.

Mobility presents a lot of advantages to a business, but it is up to top decision makers to make sure a consistent and well-managed mobile solution is in place for safe and efficient computing.

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