What Americans don’t know about the cloud

Despite what use rates might be, cloud computing is widely misunderstood by Americans.  Although, they might not admit it.  An August survey by Wakefield Research showed that 22 percent of Americans admit they have pretended to understand what the cloud is.

A recent citrix.com article highlights some of the more interesting statistics revealed by the survey.  More than half of Americans say they have never used the cloud.  The fact is, out of that 54 percent, 95 percent actually do use the cloud regularly.

The stats seem to point to a common misconception that might be generating fear of the cloud, “It’s untested and complex technology”.  The truth is, for years now we’ve trusted cloud computing with our banking, photos and other files of all sorts, and we hardly thought twice about it.

A  solution for like ERP cloud will boost business for SMBs while protecting the company’s data on secure servers.  And the risk is much lower than the public cloud services we use every day in our personal lives.


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