The positive change in perceptions of ERP Cloud

As cloud computing becomes more and more a part of modern enterprise, early fears about security in the cloud are dissipating rapidly.  However, many CFOs are still hesitant about moving core financials into the cloud.  But that will soon be changing too.

An article at takes look at several different survey studies, and discusses how steady growth in the ERP cloud market and SaaS services will have “closer-to-the-money” applications migrating to the cloud, albeit at a slower pace than other business applications.

Over the next few years, many organizations that installed their on-premise systems during the Y2K scare will necessarily be in the market for an upgrade, and recent improvements in SaaS ERP applications are making old fears about cloud security obsolete.

Combine that with the allure of cost and time saving benefits, businesses of all sizes are shifting in large numbers toward cloud solutions.

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