Psychology and cloud adoption

Cloud computing technology is being adopted in ever increasing numbers, yet uneasy feelings continue to be pervasive about data storage and other security sensitive areas of the cloud.  This seems especially true among executive teams when it comes to business solutions like ERP cloud computing.  The truth is that these fears have more to do with psychology than with facts about the cloud. published an article recently that takes a look at what psychologists call schemas and how they have slowed cloud adoption.  The theory of mental schemas is that our interpretations of new events are based on prior experience.  Our prior experience functions essentially as a mental script, and when a new experience diverges too far from the script, our brains tend to struggle with it.

Cloud computing is a totally different way of computing, and areas of the cloud such as hosted ERP are so divergent from the script that has dictated business operations in the past, resistance is a natural part of brain function.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t overcome these mental hurdles.

Cloud computing brings agility and efficiency to business processes in a secure and easy to maintain environment.

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