Control Your Customer Master File

Dynamics GP has a simple way to control you master file and make it useful in your business. These are some of the standard features and benefits that will help you stay in touch with your customers and keep you customer records consistent:

  • Allow for multiple customer addresses so you can accurately record your customers’ various business locations and ensure accurate deliveries
  • Maintain consistent payment terms that match your business policies and agreements so that your receivables aging and collection activities comply with your customers’ expectatoins
  • Allow for varied general ledger mapping to enhance financial reporting to deliver timely and actionable management information
  • Provides instant communication via e-mail and instant messaging to your customers so that you can quickly respond to your customers requests
  • Provides one source of customer information so that everyone in your organization is referencing the same information to cut down on confusion and eliminate double entry of information

This quick video shows some of the functionality of the customer master file:


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