Cloud security beyond Hollywood

One of the most reproduced scenes in action films is the one that has the ring-leader of the rag-tag group of super thieves or spies laying out the plan that will get them through the unbreakable security system.  Let’s call this the Mission Impossible heist scene.  It is usually full of acrobatics, sleight of hand tricks and someone doing ballet through a field of lasers.  We suspend disbelief in order enjoy the suspense, but the reality of reputable data centers that power an ERP cloud isn’t far from what you see on the big screen.

The only difference is Tom Cruise won’t be repelling out of an air duct in spandex to boost your data.

A recent article at gives a run down on data center security and really shows how secure these facilities are.

There is more than just a climate controlled warehouse somewhere filled with servers.  Cloud providers often have armed guards, motion sensors and state of the art alarm systems protecting your data.  And the digital security that is constantly adapting and upgrading keeps even the best hackers on their heels.


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