Raise The Bar


Last weekend I hiked the Grand Canyon with my two sons. I’ve hiked down to the Colorado River and back up three times before; spending the night at the Phantom Ranch. For a two day hike it’s challenging. It’s a total of 17 miles and the elevation drop is a bit less than 5,000 feet.

Earlier this year I thought it would be interesting to raise the bar and try hiking up and down in one day. There are several reasons that doing the hike in one day is advantageous. So I did it.

It was a great experience. I found out it was indeed a very long and difficult hike. But it was also reasonable, and there are a lot of people that do it. My fears of attempting it faded away, and I’m now looking forward to doing it again next year.

What fears do you have about expanding your business, and is it time to raise the bar of your expectations and performance? Do you have unfounded fears of changing your business systems that could easily make your business more profitable?

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