Management of the OS, Service Packs, and Security Benefits of Hosted ERP





Make sure your system infrastructure is up to date. These are some of the things to consider:

User add/change/delete services

All additions, changes, and deletions of users and user access should be controlled by the hosting provider. This helps you meet your Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements by having a well-documented and controlled process for user changes.

Infrastructure updates done in off-hours

Updates and upgrades to system hardware and software should be done on a regular basis to keep your system running at an optimal level. These types of system changes can generally be done with no interruption of service, and typically are done at off-peak hours.

Continuous systems monitoring

A modern networked ERP system is a sophisticated system with many different sub-systems and supporting systems. Continuous monitoring of system performance ensures that your system will operate smoothly. Typically hosting providers monitor individual machines and network components, monitoring such things as CPU speeds, memory usage, and storage capacity. Environmental variables such as ambient heat and power quality are also measured.

Stay current with security and functional service packs

Updating critical security service packs helps ensure that your systems are operating in a safe environment. Staying up to date on functional service packs as well, help ensure that you get the most value out of your applications.

Keeping the infrastructure of your application up to date, makes sure that your application will run the way it was designed to, and the way that provides the best return to you. All of these service are provided as a regular part of the hosted ERP service at myGPcloud.

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