Applications Accessible to Employees Anywhere Benefit of Hosted ERP




Hosted solutions allow you and your employees to access your business systems from anywhere you have access to the internet, and on various platforms.

Available via Internet

Hosted solutions allow your business systems to be easily deployed around the world. Your hosting provider deploys your system in the confines of a well secured and managed connection to your data. Forced password changes and user add/change/delete services make sure that your users are well authenticated before they access your system. Continuous virus protection and intrusion detection ensure that your data is safe from outside threats.

Available on PC’s and Mac’s

Various deployment methods allow you to access your business systems from different types of devices. Whether you use PC’s, Mac’s, or iPads, you can get easy access to your data. This allows your users to use the devices they prefer and the devices that fit their job requirements.

Having your hosted ERP systems accessible from anywhere will make you and your employees more productive.

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