Scalability Benefits of Hosted ERP





Systems tailored to each customer’s requirements

Hosted ERP systems are continuously monitored for performance and should be tailored to meet your requirements. As your system requirements increase your system infrastructure should be modified by adding hardware, e.g. additional memory, additional storage. A complete change out to new hardware may be needed, and should be happily managed by your hosting provider.

Continuous monitoring of system performance

People use their ERP systems differently, but usually there are peak periods of use that should be monitored to make sure the system response times your users expect are being delivered. Not only from a usability standpoint, but also from a security and data integrity point of view, it’s important that systems are monitored for health on a continuous basis.

Adapt to changing load levels

It’s important that your hosted system can dynamically respond to fluctuations in service demand without engineering support. This relies on basic system/network design that supports and responds to changes in demand. Make sure that your hosting provider can address these types of service issues.

Load balancing on front-end application servers

Application servers provide your users with their interface to your ERP system. If your users experience poor response times, they will be unhappy. Make sure that your hosting providers system has been engineered to provide a high level of system response from the users’ perspective.

Check out these design elements of the myGPcloud infrastructure.

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