Managed Backups Benefits of Hosted ERP




Daily full backups

You need full daily backups for your hosted ERP system. Incremental backups don’t cut it. At some point you will want the backups to be stored off-site, away from the datacenter.

Databases, code files, customizations, users’ files

Backing up only the database is not sufficient. You must also back up related files, e.g. code files, customized code and reports, other user files that are stored in the datacenter.

Weekly off-site

Our guideline is to store off-site on a weekly basis.

Annual backups saved for 7 years

Full annual backups are generally required for compliance reasons. We keep annual backups for seven years. Also if our clients request it, we can send them copies of the backup, and they can save them for as long as they want.

Test restores done on a regular basis

This is a step a lot of people forget to do. You have to test your backup mechanism to make sure it is working the way you’ve planned. This tests the backup equipment, the scope of the backup set, and the backup procedures.

Ability to restore to production from any backup at user request

If your specific system data cannot be restored when you want, then it’s not really a benefit for you. Some multi-tenant ERP architectures do not allow for individual company restores. In this case the backup policy is design solely to protect the hosting provider in case of a problem; not you.

Check out the security environment at myGPcloud.

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