Dynamics Manufacturing





Dynamics streamlines your manufacturing process from procurement to shipping, and gives you the control you want.

If you have a simple manufacturing process or complex manufacturing process, Dynamics will help you control the process by providing the following:

  • Allows you to know which products are profitable and which customers are profitable
  • Provides the control and insight you need to manage your business for profit
  • Provides the integrated functionality and reporting that gives you a complete view of your business
  • Allows you to plan your purchasing to match your requirements to make sure your components are ready when they’re needed
  • Automatically analyze total demand, from the finished goods level, down to the component level
  • Allows you to reduce working capital needs to get the best return on your business investment
  • Helps you meet regulatory compliance by providing complete lot and serial traceability from item receipt, through manufacturing, and to customer delivery
  • Easy to use and maintain bills of material help you define your products and your workflow
  • Provides visibility to your employees so they can actively monitor and adapt your manufacturing processes to meet your market’s needs

Take a look at this quick video: http://youtu.be/v8I0lSrXr7I

Discover for yourself by starting a free trial of hosted Dynamics at mygpcloud.com.

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