Benefits of Hosted ERP – Minimize or Eliminate Additional IT Resources





No ERP-focused IT resources required

A hosted ERP solution eliminates the need to have an IT resource focused on the ERP system. My experience is that often times the IT department really doesn’t want much to do with the ERP system anyway, so that’s just fine for them. All IT related issues having to do with running and maintaining your ERP system should be handled by your hosting provider.

Minimal footprint for web client

The ERP software is primarily run at a datacenter, so the client software required to access the system is minimal. We deploy ERP systems using MS Terminal Services or Citrix. Both of these methods require a minimal footprint on the client device, so there is no big software installation and configuration involved when a new user is added to your system. Software conflicts are minimized as well.

Support outsourced

Any support you might require for your ERP system should be handled by your hosting provider. This includes connectivity support, resolving system errors, and other system performance related issues.

Service packs and upgrades included

Your hosting provider should update both the infrastructure and application software for you. This includes service pack and hot fixes, as well as version upgrades. This is a part of the RoseASP standard hosting agreement. These should all be scheduled at off-peak times to minimize service disruptions. Any planned service disruptions should be scheduled with users in advance.

You can expect to receive all of these benefits when you use a hosted ERP system like myGPcloud.

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