Accelerate Time to Value Benefit of Hosted ERP




When you host your ERP system in the cloud, your time to realize a positive ROI is reduced significantly. Some of the benefits that produce a quick time to value are:

No equipment specification or acquisition

You don’t have to worry about server and network hardware. It’s provided by the hosting company. You don’t have to worry about hardware or software compatibilities because the hosting company uses a proven system, so your application will run at its optimal level.

Minimal setup time

Time related to installing software, setting up users, establishing a comprehensive backup plan are all done by the hosting company; usually in less than a day. It will not affect your project plan.

Implementations quicker

Generally the hosted ERP environment is more conducive to rapid implementations because the consultants are used to the environment and can get things done faster. This reduces your consulting costs and shrinks your project timeline.

Lower upfront costs

Because you’re not purchasing equipment and software licenses outright, your investment is less. You won’t have to devote part of your annual capital acquisition budget to your ERP project. Expenses related to your ERP system are treated as expense items on your P&L statement and not capital items on your balance sheet

All of these items make your hosted ERP project move along quicker, reduce your investment, and get you to a positive ROI quicker.

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