Order to Cash Cycle

The basic order to cash cycle can be represented as this image shows:

Managing the order to cash cycle effectively helps you improve your working capital position. There are a number of specific areas to focus on that can really improve your cash cycle:

  • Promptly and accurately enter sales orders into your ERP system, and immediately schedule them for fulfillment and shipping
  • Invoice shipments in a timely manner and distribute invoices in a format and manner your customers desire
  • Continuously monitor outstanding receivables, hold customers to payment terms, resolve discrepancies quickly
  • Record cash receipts and deposit receipts on a daily basis

A decent ERP system can help you keep on top of your order-to-cash cycle and improve your cash position.

This video set shows you how to use Dynamics GP to facilitate this process: http://youtu.be/O4mNXR_IyKs




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