8 Benefits of ERP Hosting for Finance



These are some of the benefits that companies realize when they move their accounting systems into the ERP cloud:


Pay for what you use

  • Adjust user counts as you need, to match your business cycles
  • Adjust functionality as you need it

Accelerate time to value

  • No equipment specification or acquisition
  • Minimal setup time
  • Implementations quicker
  • Lower upfront costs

Applications accessible to employees anywhere

  • Available via Internet
  • Available on PC’s and Mac’s

Minimize or eliminate upfront capital costs

  • No equipment purchases
  • No infrastructure software purchases
  • Subscription pricing available for application licenses

24/7 support

  • Live connectivity support
  • Escalation to our employees
  • Application support available 8:30 – 8:00 Eastern
  • Service level agreement

Minimize or eliminate additional IT resources

  • No ERP-focused IT resources required
  • Minimal footprint for web client
  • Support outsourced
  • Service packs and upgrades included

No additional consulting costs for service packs and upgrades

  • Service packs and patches for infrastructure and application software applied as part of hosting agreement
  • Test upgrades performed on Dynamics upgrades

Latest software for users

  • Users take advantage of using the latest technology
  • Software look and feel similar to other Microsoft products


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    What a great first post! Thanks for sharing it.

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  1. Birgit - October 5, 2012


    8 Benefits of ERP Hosting for Finance…

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