The Little Things That Get Me Every Time

These are the things in Dynamics GP that I goof up on a regular basis. Since Dynamics GP is used by over 40,000 organizations, I assume the problem is with me, not with the design of the system. Perhaps you have similar frustrations:

The first three I have successfully mastered, but they caused me a lot of frustration when I was learning about Dynamics GP:

Deleting a row from a grid in a transaction – This took me a while to get down, but it’s simple: Highlight row >> Edit >> Delete Row. So, we couldn’t just hit the “Delete” key?

The A/P Edit Payables Checks screen – I don’t know how many times I goofed this one up in a demo, but it was a lot. My inclination when looking up a payment in a check batch is to do a look up on the Vendor ID. WRONG. If you do this the system is expecting you to enter a new payment, not look up an existing payment. The correct thing to do is to click on the Payment Number look up:


The cryptic message when distribution types don’t match – Actually the error messaging around this problem has improved since I first began encountering it. The problem arises when the amounts on the document don’t match the general ledger distribution types in the distributions screen:

See the discrepancies between the two screens for the same transaction:


These next few still drive me crazy:

Putting multiple sales people on the SOP Commission lines – This can be done, but I can never do it correctly the first time. I have never attempted this during a demo, and probably never will. I guess that it can only be done on an Invoice document type, not an Order. Here it is.

I much prefer to use the Ethotech Commission Plan product.


Making changes to the Page Header in Report Writer, but not the Report Header – This is perhaps the most frustrating because I can spend a lot of time modifying a report, and then wondering why the modifications don’t show up. And then “click” the light goes on. Foiled again.

I routinely start making changes in the Page Header (it’s at the top, why not?), and do not duplicate them in the Report Header. On a screen with smaller resolution the potetiality of this problem becomes more apparent:

In this case I don’t believe “Dummy 1” or “Dummy 2” refer to me; “Dummy 3”, perhaps.


Not granting access to the modified report – For first timers to Report Writer, I believe it is impossible not to make this error.


The linking function in Manufacturing for serial numbers – If you have serialized or lot tracked component items in your serialized BOM and need to link the serial numbers or lot numbers to specific serial number or lots, you need to use the Manufacturing Serial/Lot Link Entry screen. The trick is to scroll to or look up the finished good item as marked below. Clicking on the finished good item in the bottom box leads only to frustration.


Payables or Receivables transactions that don’t post all the way through to the General Ledger – This almost only happens during a demo. I post a most beautiful payables or receivables transaction, expecting the general ledger transaction to be created and posted behind the scenes; and it doesn’t.


Oh, well. That’s it. Nice collection of goofs, no?


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