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Collections Management in Dynamics GP

One of the most critical areas of your business to manage in order to conserve working capital, is accounts receivable. Having business processes and business tools available that support the timely collection of accounts receivable is very important. The Collections Management module in Dynamics GP can greatly increase the ease and effectiveness of managing accounts receivable. But surprisingly to me, […]

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Fixed Assets Retirement in Dynamics GP

Fixed Assets Retirement in Dynamics GP: Step 1 Setting up Dynamics GP Fixed Assets This video offers a basic walk through on how to setup and add a fixed asset in the Dynamics GP Fixed Assets Module.  If you are already familiar with the basics of creating fixed asset entries, you can skip ahead to […]

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1099 Processing in Dynamics GP

Setting up, processing and reporting for 1099 payments is easy in Dynamics GP. There are basically three steps: Set up the vendor and identify as a 1099 vendor Process payables transactions to record the 1099 amounts, and issue checks Run the routine 1099 reports and adjust 1099 amounts if needed Vendors can easily be identified as 1099 vendors in […]

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The Little Things That Get Me Every Time

These are the things in Dynamics GP that I goof up on a regular basis. Since Dynamics GP is used by over 40,000 organizations, I assume the problem is with me, not with the design of the system. Perhaps you have similar frustrations: The first three I have successfully mastered, but they caused me a […]

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Management Reporter Drilldown Functionality

You can easily drilldown from a Management Reporter financial report to view additional detail information at a general ledger account level and general ledger transaction level. This allows you to easily begin your analysis process directly from your financial reports. It also allows consumers of financial reports to more easily perform some analysis on their […]

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Define Your Credit Policy and Stick to It

If you extend credit to your customers you need to have a credit policy. A credit policy sets the, “guidelines that spell out how to decide which customers are sold on open account, the exact payment terms, the limits set on outstanding balances and how to deal with delinquent accounts.” (from Once established, you […]

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