Purchase Order Generator in Dynamics GP

The PO Generator functionality in Dynamics GP assists in purchase planning by suggesting purchase orders that need to be placed to meet current demand and inventory stocking requirements. There are a couple of setups that need to be made for each item so that this function will work properly.

For each item, you will want to go to the Item Resource Planning Maintenance screen to indicate that you want to include the item in the PO Generator process. You can also specify the Order Point Quantity, as well as other attributes that will determine how much of each item to order.


Go to the PO Gen Item Maintenance screen to further specify how the item will be specified on the suggested purchase orders.


The options under “Requirement Level” are:

  • Order Point Quantity
  • Order-up-to Level
  • Vendor EOQ

The Options under “Vendor Selection:” are:

  • Site Primary Vendor
  • Vendor with Lowest Cost
  • Vendor with Shortest Lead Time

See this document that explains how various quantity levels are determined: How Quantities Are Calculated

To run the PO Generator process, go to the Purchasing Area Page and select, “Purchase Order Generator”.

The process will suggest the purchase orders that need to be created in the Suggested Purchase Order Preview screen. In this screen you can change vendors and pricing if you want. Once you’re ready to go, just click on the “Generate Purchase Orders” button, and the purchase orders will be created.


Here is a video that shows this in action: http://youtu.be/gWvF83unATQ

The PO generator looks at current quantity information and does not have the ability to look at forecasted quantitiy information. To look at forecasted demand, you need to use the MRP functionality in Dynamics GP Manufacturing.

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