Easy Ad Hoc Reporting from Project Accounting

Dynamics GP Project Accounting offers a tightly integrated project solution for organizations wanting to track costs by project, and then turn around and bill those costs to customers. Standard reporting available in Dynamics GP offers typical project reporting. But to really get some personalized reporting from Project Accounting you should look to SmartList Builder.

Here is a solution I recently proposed to a customer.

They manage a couple of hundred projects each year. The projects are fairly simple, with a simple fee schedule and primarily timesheet expenses.

I chose to pull data from the PA Budget Periodic Totals Master table (PA01304). This has all the data that I want, segregated by reporting period. Perfect!

This is the simple Excel Pivot Table I created that shows anticipated revenue and expenses by project and month:

These are the basic steps I took:

  • Create a new SmartList with SmartList Builder using table PA01304
  • Duplicate the SmartList to an Excel Report for Dynamics GP  (Options >> Duplicate), and publish
  • Run the Excel Report
  • Add a column to report both the revenue and costs in one column (I changed the sign for costs so it would sum correctly)
  • Insert a Pivot Table, and select the data I wanted
  • Format the results to look a little better
  • Done

Project accounting maintains several summary tables that make reporting easy with SmartList Builder.

Here is a video that shows this in action: http://youtu.be/NXoCRS82w1M

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