Combining Management Reporter and Dynamics GP Information in Dashboards

Financial report information that is generated using Management Reporter can be combined with other types of information from Dynamics GP to provide easy to create and easy to update dashboards using Excel.

The benefit of this is that financial actual and budget information is easily provided using Management Reporter. And other information from Dynamics GP can easily be retrieved using SmartLists data generated from Excel Reports for Dynamics GP. Both of these information sources can be combined to provide a consolidated view of business information using Excel. These types of dashboards can also be easily updated with new information as required.

This blog article details how to access this data and use it in Excel dashboards:

Dynamics GP Mashup – Easy to Make Dashboard

There are various ways to get information out of Dynamics GP. This provides an easy way to combine two sources and allow for an easy refresh of data when needed.

This is a video showing how to get the Management Reporter information and make it available for use in Excel:

This is an example of an Excel dashboard:



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