Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP has stopped working

The following happens when starting MR Report Designer, after a user changes their GP password.

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP has stopped working

Applies to:

Management Reporter 2012 SP2 Version 2.0.1700.31


  • A user saves their username and password for a company in MR Report Designer
  • A user later changes their GP password
  • As soon as MR Report Designer is launched they are presented with this error:


  • The only option they have is to close the program.


We had recently upgraded our servers from MR FP1 (2.0.1664.19) to MR SP2 (2.0.1700.31). This update is a 3 part update. The 3 steps are the client, the server and the data providers.  In our case only the client and server had been updated, the data providers was not.

To check if your data provider has been updated, follow these steps:

  • Browse to the following location (this may vary depending on where you installed MR to)
    • C:program filesMicrosoft Dynamics ERPManagement Reporter2.0providersdynamics GP 11.0
    • Right Click Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.DataProvider.GeneralLedger.GP.dll
    • Click properties
    • Click the details tab
    • If the version is earlier than 2.0.1700.31, follow the resolution section to fix.





  • Download and Run the MR SP2 (2.0.1700.31) or later update
  • Click to select the “Dynamics GP 2010” from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data Providers drop down menu
  • Click Go


  • You may be prompted that you will have to reboot the server, go ahead and proceed with the update.
  • When the update is complete, you can avoid a server reboot by doing the following:
    • Restart the MR Service
    • Restart the IIS MR Application pool
    • Restart the IIS MR Website
    • Now try connecting to MR again
    • You will now be presented with a login error, however it will now allow you to go in and update your password by hitting the credentials button in your companies list.


Please note:

You will need to do this for EACH company in your list.

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