Serial Number Tracking in Dynamics GP

If you need to track the component serial numbers contained in finished good items to comply with product recall requirements within your industry, you probably have a manual system to do this, or have cobbled together some home grown system (Excel, Access) to do it. Wouldn’t it make sense to have your ERP system do it, especially considering that’s where the basic information about items and item transactions are located? Many systems just are not equipped to easily do this.

Dynamics GP has built in capability to track serial numbers from item receipt, through manufacturing, and out to the customer or other end user. If you have an item that is controlled by serial number or lot number, you cannot move that item within the Dynamics GP ERP system without designating the appropriate serial number or lot number associated with the item.

If you’re also using the manufacturing module in Dynamics GP you have the ability to track component items by serial number or lot number that are consumed in the manufacturing process. You can specifically identify and link specific component serial numbers and lot numbers to finished good item serial numbers and lot numbers. This provides you with a robust audit trail of serialized and lot controlled items.

There are dedicated inquiry screen with in Dynamics GP to easily get to this information.

You can additionally track serialized items to end users that are not your customers by using the Equipment Card functionality in Dynamics GP.

This video shows an example of tracking serial numbers in Dynamics GP, through the manufacturing process:

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