High Volume Drop Ship Processing in Dynamics GP

If you do most or all of your shipments to your customers directly from your vendors, you have a challenge in keeping it all straight, and executing efficiently and effectively. Shipping many different items to many customers, from many vendors requires you to “be on your toes.”

You don’t want your purchasing people getting bogged down in turning out dozens of purchase orders each day, and you don’t want your accounting staff to be swamped with having to frequently examine each sales order to determine if it should be invoiced or not. But there is a lot of work involved in processing a high volume of drop shipments, and you don’t want customer invoicing to be inaccurate or delayed because of this burden.

Dynamics GP includes some easy to use functionality that can really assist you in processing a large number of direct shipments.

This video shows how Dynamics GP can handle a high volume drop ship operation using standard functionality. You can easily process large volumes of sales orders, quickly create purchase orders, and communicate with your suppliers and customers: http://youtu.be/GD_qzCe6KeQ

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