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Dynamics GP2010 Email Functionality now available in myGPcloud Hosted Environment!

  myGPcloud is excited to announce we now support “Outlook Anywhere”! This email functionality allows for hosted customers who either maintain their own Microsoft Exchange services separate from the RoseASP domain or have a third-party provider who maintains their Exchange services, to utilize the GP 2010 email functionality.

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Nine Ways to Improve the ROI of Your ERP System

ROI simply stated is the arithmetic quotient of the benefit you expect to receive from a project divided by the investment in the project. The benefit is the numerator and the investment is the denominator. To improve the ROI quotient, find ways to increase the numerator and/or decrease the denominator. Based on my experience, these […]

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Is Cloud Computing For You?

Cloud computing may or may not meet your requirements. And there are various ways to deploy your IT systems in the cloud. Sylvain Boyer covers some of these options in his article, “To the Cloud – or Not.” Mr. Boyer makes a few points that are worth noting: In regards to maintaining an online accounting […]

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Serial Number Tracking in Dynamics GP

If you need to track the component serial numbers contained in finished good items to comply with product recall requirements within your industry, you probably have a manual system to do this, or have cobbled together some home grown system (Excel, Access) to do it. Wouldn’t it make sense to have your ERP system do it, especially considering that’s where the […]

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High Volume Drop Ship Processing in Dynamics GP

If you do most or all of your shipments to your customers directly from your vendors, you have a challenge in keeping it all straight, and executing efficiently and effectively. Shipping many different items to many customers, from many vendors requires you to “be on your toes.” You don’t want your purchasing people getting bogged down in turning out […]

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