Management Reporter Report Wizard

The easiest way to get started with Management Reporter is to create a new report using the Management Reporter Report Wizard. By doing this you will get a P&L Statement or a Balance Sheet with about five minutes of work.

You will get a row format, column layout, and reporting tree (if you want) that you can then use as a basis for your report. If the result is exactly what you were looking for, then you’re done.

But it probably won’t be. But you can easily take these reports and add and delete, and tweek until you get what you want.

The reason there aren’t generally any standard financial reports in GP is because the chart of accounts you use is likely unique and therefore would require unique reporting formats. In myGPcloud we have prepopulated each new company with a customized chart of accounts. We have also installed standard financial reports in Management Reporter that fit these accounts.

This video shows the easy steps of going through the Management Reporter Report Wizard. This is a good first step in getting familiar with Management Reporter:

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