Dynamics GP Sales and Purchasing Document E-mailing

Submitting business documents to your various business partners in a timely manner can be a challenge for any company. Sending sales invoices and purchase orders by mail is a cumbersome and slow process, and it’s easy to omit key documents; impairing communication. If your customers and vendors have unique document format requirements, this only adds to the effort involved.

Ideally your ERP system should easily produce business documents that are easily configurable to meet your business partners’ unique needs. And further, the ERP system should automatically select the correct version when the documents are produced, e.g. if customer A wants format 002, and customer B wants format 034, the ERP system will automatically produce the correct format for each customer.

Because customers and vendors are increasingly using e-mail to exchange business documents, your ERP system should be able to easily send sales invoices and purchase orders via e-mail if requested. And ideally this process will run parallel to your regular document printing process.

Dynamics GP has incorporated Microsoft Word for creating sales invoices and purchase orders, among other key business documents. There is also the ability to specify by specific customer and vendor how the documents should be delivered. If e-mail is selected as the delivery channel, multiple e-mail addresses can be specified as recipients, including your internal staff if desired, e.g. sales managers, purchasing managers.

This quick video shows the new document e-mail functionality in GP 2010. It’s really pretty easy to set up and use. Take a look at it, and try it out: http://youtu.be/jiKXf_gPKjs

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