Basic Navigation in Dynamics GP

A sophisticated computer system of any kind requires a skillful ability to navigate through the system so the user can get to the functionality they want.

The best approach is to provide more than one way to navigate, and to provide context so the user is always aware of where they are in the system, and ideally, how they got there. It’s also helpful if a user can easily determine what functionality is available to them, and not to be distracted by functionality that they don’t have access to because of licensing or security restrictions.

Dynamics GP provides several navigation methods. These are some of them:

  • Traditional menu system
  • SmartLists
  • Quick Links on the Home Page
  • User defined folders
  • Area pages

Area Pages provide a complete view of specific areas in Dynamics GP. For example, if I want to do something in sales, I have access to almost all the sales related functionality on the Sales Area Page. Masterfile screens, transaction screens, inquires, setup, and reports are all available at a glance.

This video shows three ways to navigate in Dynamics GP. Choose the one that works best for you to increase your productivity and ease of use:

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