Activating your Management Reporter in myGPcloud

Management Reporter is the financial statement tool within myGPcloud that allows you to generate financial statements.  If you are using the chart of accounts that comes with your selected version of myGPcloud, your financials will automatically be formated for you.  We have preformatted for you the following:

  • Detailed and Summary Balance Sheet
  • Detailed and Summary Income Statement
  • Detailed 12 month Income Statement
  • Rolling Quarter Income Statement
  • Trial Balance

You can modify/change/add to any of these reports using the predefined rows and columns that we have created for you with the above statements.  Also, if you have ever used FRx (a common reporting tool used by many accounting vendors in the mid-market) you will find that Management Reporter is very similar, but with much more power.  Below are the steps you need to help you get activated.  If you lose your way at anytime during the process, please feel free to contact our support team at


Here are the quick steps to get you started:

Step 1: Login into myGPcloud and find your way to the icon page below.  As you can see now, two new icons will appear.  Click on the MR Report Designer to get started.

Step 2: When you receive the following message below, be sure to Click on YES.

Step 3: Now cut and paste or enter manually the “localhost ID” number that you received in your email from the myGPcloud support email. Remove anything already there. (Your number will be unique to your database, do not use the one in the example here.)

Step 4: When the following screen appears, you will see the name of your company database that you created (in the example below we see Chedda as the company name).  Select “Set As Default” so this database will default for you each time.

Step 5: Finally enter your user name and password that you use to login to myGPcloud initially.

You have now completed your setup!!!  You will never need to repeat these steps again.  You are all setup to use Management Reporter!  Just click on the  “Close” button below and you can start working.  You can permanently disable this screen by clicking on the check box on the bottom left hand of the screen.

Need more help?  Watch our video at:

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