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Multicompany SmartLists in Dynamics GP

Effectively reporting information from multiple companies is a challenge for any organization that has multiple companies. Providing ad-hoc reporting functionality is very difficult. It generally takes a fair amount of training to get a user to the point where they can effectively navigate the ERP system to get the data they want. SmartLists in Dynamics GP has proven to […]

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Using Integration Manager to Import POS Data to GP

It’s pretty common to want to import data from an external system into your ERP system. It may be merely some general journal entries, destined for the general ledger, or hundreds of sales invoices that effect accounts receivable and inventory. Most mid-range ERP systems have some type of integration tool to help you with this […]

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Dynamics GP 2010 Features

Microsoft is committed to continuous improvement of its ERP products. This helps ensure that users have access to the latest technology and the latest functionality desired by the product’s user base. Microsoft routinely shares their product road map with their user communities. Here is the road map for Dynamics GP: GP 2010 is the current […]

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Activating your Management Reporter in myGPcloud

Management Reporter is the financial statement tool within myGPcloud that allows you to generate financial statements.  If you are using the chart of accounts that comes with your selected version of myGPcloud, your financials will automatically be formated for you.  We have preformatted for you the following: Detailed and Summary Balance Sheet Detailed and Summary […]

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Fixed Assets in Dynamics GP

Almost every new customer I talk with uses Excel to track their fixed assets. They may have as few as 50 assets, to as many as 2,000. The reasons they use Excel are that Excel is easy to use to set up lists of assets and depreciation schedules, and most dedicated fixed assets systems are expensive. […]

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Drop Ship Processing in Dynamics GP

Many companies do at least some amount of drop shipping directly from their vendors, to their customers. Accounting for this type of transaction can be a challenge. You want to make sure to exercise proper control so that you make sure that your properly bill your customers for the items your vendors have shipped to them. […]

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Intercompany Processing with Dyanmics GP

We generally advise clients to set up separate databases for each legal entity they are managing in their ERP system. This helps make sure that clients maintain a complete set of accounting records for each entity they are managing. It also makes it much easier to spin off a entity during a reorganization situation. If you have […]

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Management Reporter Report Viewer for Dynamics GP

Disseminating financial reports to non-erp system users extends the value of your system and provides an important management tool to the people that can most benefit from it. Management Reporter is the successor to FRx and contains essentially the same functionality as FRx. It is a fully configurable financial reporting tool that allows you to easily query information from your general ledger and […]

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Using Sales Quotes for Forecasts and MRP in Dynamics GP

The MRP process in Dynamics GP Manufacturing can be easy to use. It considers current inventory levels, open purchase orders, and product demand to determine which new purchase orders need to be created and which workorders need to be created in order to meet forecasted demand. The sales forecasting module in Dynamics GP Manufacturing is very useful […]

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