MRP Calculations for Multiple Sites in Dynamics GP

MRP is a good tool for managing inventory and purchasing plans. By incorporating existing stock levels, forecasted and actual demand, and vendor’s purchasing criteria and delivery experience, you can improve efficiencies in you purchasing activities and maintain optimal inventory levels. This will lead to better use of working capital and reduce purchasing expenses.

Dynamics GP includes a well integrated MRP functionality that is easy to use and produces effective results. The MRP functionality will do the following:

  • Suggest purchase orders that need to be released, and will indicate when they need to be released
  • Incorporate forecasted sales demand from the Sales Forecasting module
  • Analyze current demand represented in sales orders and quotes
  • Suggest manufacturing orders for finished goods and subassemblies
  • Recognize current stock levels

This video shows an example of how Dynamics GP can be used to manage forecasted demand and suggested supply for separate locations:

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