Letter Writing Assistant in Dynamics GP – Creating Custom Word Templates

You may have used the standard Letter Writing Assistant templates that come out-of-the-box with Dynamics GP, that allow you to create Word documents from SmartList data.  There are actually some nice ones that I like to show when I demo GP.

But you can also modify the standard templates, and create your own.:

  • To access the Letter Writing Assistant, navigate to:  Reports  >>  Letter Writing Assistant
  • Select, “Customize the letters by adding…”
  • Select the letter category that corresponds to the SmartList from which you want to pull data
  • Select one of the four options available
  • Select the document or action in the window:


  • Word will then open, with a blank document or the existing document you identified
  • Select the “Add-Ins” tab from the Word menu
  • Move the cursor to the spot on the Word document, at which you want the added field to appear
  • Select the field


  • The selected field(s) will then be added to the Word document
  • Save the Word document
  • Cancel the Letter Writing Assistant


You’re now ready to use the Word template with SmartList.  The template will show up with the appropriate SmartList on the Word drop-down tab.

It’s easy to do.  Try it out.

I recorded a quick video that shows this in action.

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