1099 Processing in Dynamics GP

This is a timely gem for Dynamics GP from Doug Pitcher:

I’ve been really impressed with a lot of our clients this year. I usually don’t start the 1099 rush until January 30th but I have been getting a lot of calls already about the 1099 process. I did a blog last year about 1099’s found here. This is a good overview of the 1099 process.

A couple of comments about the 1099 process that I’ve come across this year are listed below.

  1. I find it easiest to look at the yearly summary (still under Cards>>purchasing>>summary>>yearly tab>>change to calendar year view) and see how much was paid during the year versus the 1099 amount
  2. To edit the 1099 amount it will have to be done in the 1099 detail window
  3. If you only see zero’s on your edit list you need to install SP2 or higher for 10.0
  4. If you have a vendor listed as 1099 and it shouldn’t be, delete the amounts in the 1099 window before changing the status to be “Not a 1099 Vendor”. It will still show up on your 1099’s otherwise
  5. If you have a vendor listed as dividend and not the usual miscellaneous you will have to zero out all dividend amounts and replace it in the miscellaneous window in the 1099 detail window
  6. If you haven’t listed the vendor as a 1099 vendor you will have to edit the amounts in the 1099 detail window as it doesn’t go back and calculate for anything previous to the change
  7. The minimum amount setting is under payables setup (Microsoft Dynamics GP>>tools>>setup>>purchasing>>payables>>1099 setup). This used to be in the print 1099 window.
  8. If you have a vendor that was paid $600, change the minimum in payables setup to be $599.99 or no 1099 will be printed for that vendor.
  9. For 9.0 and before you edit 1099 details in the period view (cards>>purchasing>>summary>>period tab)
  10. GP does not produce the 1096 summary form. Go figure.

What’s Next..?

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