Too good to be true

headshot of DougI was just chatting with a potential customer in Miami via our chat option on the myGPcloud site and he requested a phone call. When I called he said the following, “I just wanted to talk to you in person because what you’re telling me seems too good to be true. For less than $200 a month I can get Advanced Management, have no time commitment, and can get my data sent to me if I decide to move the system to my own site?”

I chuckled a bit and added, “You also get access to Customersource, Integration manager, and five application support calls when you become a paying customer.”

With gasps of glee and excitement the prospect exhaled the words again, “This is too good to be true.” Then followed up with “How can you do that?”

Here is my answer to how we can offer Dynamics GP in this way:

  1. We’ve been doing this for a long time so we know how to provide an environment that is stable and needs us only to provide routine maintenance
  2. By creating an on demand system approach there is little need for us to be involved in the deployment
  3. Microsoft will now sell SPLA licenses. Meaning they will rent the software instead of require an outright software purchase
  4. We have kept the myGPcloud system to core GP deployed via terminal services. There is no added cost for Citrix licenses or 3rd party products
  5. The system shares server resources thus decreasing infrastructure costs

I suppose myGPcloud may seem to be good to be true based on the way software has been sold in the past. But I sure do like being the one that gets to break the good news.


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