MyGPcloud Collaborates on ERP Cloud White Paper

MyGPcloud Collaborates on ERP Cloud White Paper

Assisting CFOs in Evaluating The Move to Cloud Based ERP Software

San Diego, CA — November 9, 2011 – myGPcloud in conjunction with RoseASP, a California based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, announces the release of a new white paper 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software in the Cloud written for CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) and financial professionals who are evaluating moving ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) software to the cloud. This white paper offers a clear question and answer format designed to give CFOs the background they need to evaluate and compare cloud-based ERP choices.

myGPcloud was chosen by the ERP Software Blog to be part of a panel of 14 ERP and accounting software experts from across the US and Canada who contributed knowledge to this project.

“Cloud computing is not for everyone but many businesses will see increased efficiency, decreased IT costs, and added access to information most needed to make business decisions. We are happy to work with ERP Software Blog to release this straightforward and valuable white paper. The title of the white paper mentions CFO’s but it really is a must read for anyone wanting to gain further understanding on cloud computing.” says Doug Pitcher, Technical Support Manager for myGPcloud.

The 35 jargon-free questions cover topics the CFO needs to understand to make an informed decision including: Cloud Definitions, Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP, Common Concerns of Cloud ERP, Compliance Considerations for Cloud ERP, and Licensing Questions for Cloud ERP. High level answers to each question provide the foundation for CFO cloud knowledge.

Included in the guide are nine informative graphs and a sample cost comparison chart providing a simplified 5-year model to help CFOs evaluate ERP deployment models including: on premises, on demand and hosted. Business drivers critical to organizational growth, risk, and operations are also compared for each ERP deployment model through an easy-to understand checklist.

“The content in this white paper is written in a clear and easy to understand way because it is based on the extensive, real life experience of our panelists. Each of them was chosen because of their expertise in helping real organizations make informed decisions about the transition of ERP software to the cloud,” comments Anya Ciecierski, manager of the ERP Software Blog.

This white paper is the second release of the ERP PANEL PAPERS – a straightforward series of white papers from a nationwide panel of ERP experts. The first white paper in the series, “Beyond Software: How to Estimate the Cost of ERP Implementation Services” has also received wide distribution. The white paper, 35 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About ERP Software in The Cloud, can also be downloaded at .

About myGPcloud

Developed by the RoseASP team of hosted business solution experts, myGPcloud is an evolution based upon the company’s 10 years of experience and understanding of today’s mid-market business environment. The RoseASP team of experts has over 25 years of combined expertise in hosting financial and accounting systems, related modules, and other third-party systems.

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