Considerations when moving to the cloud

headshot of DougWhen I first heard of cloud computing the picture that came to mind was some nebulous cloud lingering overhead that somehow passed my data to an unknown all powerful computer. As the term cloud computing is becoming more defined and less hazy there are still a lot of commonly asked questions we hear.

The myGPcloud team recently contributed to a white paper that focuses on the things to consider when moving your ERP system to the cloud. The title of the white paper is “35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software in the Cloud” but I would suggest everyone should read this as it gives clear definitions and examples on the following:

  • Cloud Definitions
  • Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP
  • Common Concerns of Cloud ERP
  • Compliance Considerations for Cloud ERP
  • Licensing Questions for Cloud ERP

The office of the future may not consist of puffy white desks floating above a serene mountain meadow but in the near future most offices will be based on a cloud computing.

Download the white paper mentioned about here to get a solid grasp on a frequently tenuous topic.


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