Management Reporter with myGPcloud

Management Reporter (MR) is the preferred financial reporting tool for Dynamics GP. We gladly make it available in myGPcloud as part of the standard packages. We don’t automatically supply it, so if you’re a myGPcloud customer and would like MR, please contact us.

These are the steps to get started with MR:

Contact myGPcloud support by sending an e-mail to

Once we have you set up we will contact you via e-mail with these simple instructions:

  • When you next login to myGPcloud, you will see icons for MR Report Designer and MR Report Viewer
  • The first time you launch MR you need to click (in MR)  Tools >> Connection, and then insert the server connection string supplied to you.
  • Click Connect

We will supply you with a unique server connection string. It will be in a format similar to this:  “http://erpcloudts2:????”

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  1. Nick September 9, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Much easier than FRX !!!

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