Simple Manufacturing BOM in Dynamics GP

The manufacturing BOM is a sophisticated bill of material application, and can be a bit intimidating to use, at first. But here are the steps to create a simple, functional BOM, to give you the feeling of the system; assuming you have your items all set up:

First we want to set up the finished good item so that it is identified as a “Make” or a “Make or Buy” item.

Navigate to: Cards >> Inventory >> Item >> Item Engineering Data, and select “Make” for the “BOM should treat as” value.

Navigate to the Bill of Materials Entry screen: Cards >> Manufacturing >> Bill of Materials

Enter your finished good item.

Click on the Green + to add components. This will activate the component entry area of the screen.

Look up the component you want to add.
Enter the quantity.
Click on the “Add” button to add an additional component item.
When you’re done adding components, click on the “Tree View” button to return to the finished good portion of the screen.
Not too bad.
For clients that have the Advanced Management BRL license, I almost always recommend that they use the manufacturing BOM, instead of the other BOM in the Inventory Control module. It takes a bit longer to learn, but has much more functionality to accomodate future needs.

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