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Most GP users are familiar with the SOP-to-POP integration with which you can easily create a PO from a Sales Order. However I’m guessing that most users don’t know that a similar function exists with which you can easily create PO’s for a large number of sales documents at one time.

This is how you do it:

Navigate to the Sales Inquiry Restrictions screen: Inquiry >> Sales >> Restrict Sales Documents.

Create a range to select all the sales documents you want to be considered when creating PO’s. You can create a new one or use an existing inquiry.

Click on the “Inquiry” button.

This screen will pop up that shows all the sales documents selected.

Next, click on the “Purchase” button, and the Purchase Order Preview screen will pop up; the same one you’re used to with the SOP-to-POP function.
This can be very useful in a high volume distribution business.
I didn’t know about it, until a client showed me. Neat stuff.

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