myGPcloud Mobile – Windows Phone 7 Setup

This is the setup informatiton you’ll need to take advantage of the myGPcloud Mobile functionality on your Windows Phone 7.


1)      Company must have a currently activated myGPcloud subscription

2)      For full mobile application use, company must implement the following Dynamics GP concepts/modules:

  1. Check Books
  2. Receivables
  3. Sales Order Processing
  4. Payables Management

3)      Users of myGPcloud mobile must have one of the following devices:

  1. Windows Phone 7 Device
  2. iPad
  3. iPhone 3
  4. iPhone 4

4)      Mobile device must have active data plan.

5)      Mobile device must have network access either through cellular provider, WiFi, or Ethernet (tethered to a computer).



myGPcloud is a state of the art on-demand, Dynamics GP 2010 hosting platform that  provides instant access to a variety of Dynamics GP 2010 flavors (core business, project accounting, manufacturing, etc…).  Visit for additional information on this amazing Dynamics GP product.  While visiting the site, sign up for a free trial and begin the true ERP experience.  If you already have an account, let’s get started with myGPcloud Mobile.

myGPcloud Mobile provides secure, instant access to myGPcloud information in the form of easy to understand KPIs and Lists.

Currently, there are 5 KPIs offered by the mobile platform:

1)       Cash Balances – Balances of all cash account checkbooks in the system.

2)      Cash Receipts – All cash receipts received in the past week.

3)      Payments Due – All payments either past due, or due in the next 7 days.

4)      Combined Sales – Total sales broken down by today, current month, and then current year.

5)      New Orders – All orders placed in the past week.

myGPcloud Primary Users can control access to the KPIs via the myGPcloud website.  Users log into the mobile application using their myGPcloud user names and passwords, for streamlined and effective security.

Getting started requires these three easy steps:

1)      Device Installation

2)      KPI Security Access

3)      Mobile User Verification

Enjoy myGPcloud Mobile!

Device Installation


The complete myGPcloud Mobile for Windows Phone 7 User Guide is available.

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