myGPcloud Mobile for Windows Phone 7 – KPI Security Access

Before a mobile user can begin using the application, the myGPcloud Primary User must grant KPI Access.

1)      Browse to

2)      Log into the site as the Primary User

  • Primary User has access to additional functionality under “Account Management”:
  • Please click on the View/Disable Users link



3)      You should now be on the View/Disable Users page:

  • Please click the “Mobile Access” button for a mobile user.



4)      You should now be on the Mobile (KPI) Access page:

  • Click “Save” when you are all done to enforce the security change.

At this point, myGPcloud user access and security configuration is complete.  Please note that KPI security access takes effect immediately, and will impact the very next refresh of the KPI List on a mobile device.

The complete myGPcloud Mobile for Windows Phone 7 User Guide is available.

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