In-Transit Inventory Transfer

Have you used the In-Transit Inventory Transfer functionality in Dynamics GP? Have you found any documentation on it? Probably not. This functionality was adopted from the Field Service series and provides the ability to specify an in-transit inventory location when transferring inventory between locations. Probably the greatest benefit of this is that it allows the receiving location to manage the incoming transfer; to account for overages and shortages, etc.

So how does it work? It’s basically a two-step process:

1.) Create an In-Transit Transfer entry: Transactions >> Inventory >> In-Transit Transfer Entry
2.) Create a Receiving entry: Transactions >> Purchasing >> Receivings Transaction Entry

Two things to keep in mind:

1.) Be sure to specify a “Via Site ID” in the In-Transit Transfer Entry; otherwise the transaction works similar to the Transfer Entry, and the in-transit site is not used. This begs the question, “Why does one specify a “Via Site ID” in Inventory Control?”

2.) Be sure to click the “Ship” button when you want to process the transaction.

Notice that the transactions reside in two different modules; which perhaps explains the lack of comprehensive documentation.

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