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Creating New Contracts from SOP in Dynamics GP

Sales Order Processing and Contract Administration are integrated to easily create new contracts and new contract lines based on invoices in the SOP module. Typically new contracts created in this manner would be for service agreements covering an extended period of time, and related to the item sold on the SOP Invoice. Subsequent invoicing and […]

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Consigned Inventory in Dynamics GP

I met with several CPA’s yesterday; discussing revenue recognition. Accounting for consigned inventory seems to be a pervasive nuisance. This is generally how I have handled it using Dynamics GP: 1.) Set up a unique inventory site for each distributor. 2.) Enter an Inventory Transfer Transaction to show the movement of items to a distributor. […]

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MRP Example

This shows you how to set up a simple MRP run in Dynamics GP, so you can get the idea of how it works. I’ll add a new item, and go through the setup necessary to have MRP pick it up and generate a PO. 1.) Add an item or select an existing one: Cards […]

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Inventory Cycle Counts

The best way to maintain an accurate inventory is to continually count your inventory. That is, count part of your inventory every day, and count each item several times per year. Dynamics GP has an easy to use process that will assist you in making cycle counts. There are basically two steps: Create a Stock […]

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Purchase to Order

Most GP users are familiar with the SOP-to-POP integration with which you can easily create a PO from a Sales Order. However I’m guessing that most users don’t know that a similar function exists with which you can easily create PO’s for a large number of sales documents at one time. This is how you […]

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Report Lists in Dynamics GP

Started using the new reporting lists navigation pane in Dynamics GP 10.0. It’s a nice way to customize the system to a users needs. You can create custom lists and put any window that relates to those lists in the Action, Modify, New, Restriction (can filter data), Reports or Go To windows. Thus a user […]

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myGPcloud Mobile for Windows Phone 7 – KPI Security Access

Before a mobile user can begin using the application, the myGPcloud Primary User must grant KPI Access. 1)      Browse to 2)      Log into the site as the Primary User Primary User has access to additional functionality under “Account Management”: Please click on the View/Disable Users link     3)      You should now be on […]

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Manufacturing Order Entry in Dynamics GP

Here’s a simple example of creating a manufacturing order in GP. This will give you an idea of how the process works. You will need two things in order to create a manufacturing order transaction: 1.) Bill of Material.  For this example make the BOM a “Backflush” BOM 2.) Routing Let’s make the routing first. […]

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myGPcloud Mobile – Windows Phone 7 Setup

This is the setup informatiton you’ll need to take advantage of the myGPcloud Mobile functionality on your Windows Phone 7. Pre-requisites 1)      Company must have a currently activated myGPcloud subscription 2)      For full mobile application use, company must implement the following Dynamics GP concepts/modules: Check Books Receivables Sales Order Processing Payables Management 3)      Users of […]

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