Posting Accounts Setup in Dynamics GP on myGPcloud

To get Dynamics GP up and running you’re going to want to enter default posting accounts in the Posting Accounts Setup screen.  This screen is available from the Administration Area Page, under Posting/Posting Accounts.  You can also navigate to the screen via the menu bar in this manner:  Microsoft Dynamics GP  >>  Tools  >>  Setup  >>  Posting  >>  Posting Accounts.

Most of the Posting Account definitions in this screen (first column) are self evident, but some are obscure as to what they’re really used for.  I do not know of any good documentation about what the different posting accounts are used for.

My recommendation is to leave them blank if you don’t know what they’re for, and then as you use the system, you will be able to determine where the blank ones are used because you’ll get error messages when you try to post.  Is this a great procedure?  No, but it will work.

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