Manage Accounts Payable with Dynamics GP on myGPcloud

Dynamics GP on myGPcloud allows you to easily manage your accounts payable to ensure accurate recording of vendors’ invoices, credits and payments, manage cash flow, and to maintain good working relationships with your vendors.  These are some of the features and benefits:

  • Restrict entry of duplicate document numbers
  • Flexible aging periods to match your business requirements
  • Business alerts keep you up to date regarding future payments
  • Multiple account number distributions to accurately record each document
  • Availability of templates and defaults to increase the speed and accuracy of data entry
  • Recurring batches to facilitate periodic payments
  • Electronic banking functionality to simplify reconciliation, and payment delivery using ACH
  • Safe-pay functionality to validate check presentment
  • Scheduled payments functionality to easily schedule partial payments of larger obligations
  • Unlimited number of addresses for each vendor
  • Fully integrated with purchase orders and financial
  • Easy and flexible 1099 reporting, with ability to access and edit prior years
  • Ability to void checks and invoices in the appropriate fiscal period, while maintaining a full transaction audit trail
  • Ability to put vendors on “hold” to prevent vendor checks from being printed, while still allowing transaction entry

Accounts payable is easy to do with Dynamics GP.

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