Dynamics GP on myGPcloud does Sales Order Processing

Whether you select Business Essentials (Plus) or Advanced Management (Plus), you will have access to a very robust sales order processing system, suitable for all types of businesses.  These are some of the features and benefits:

  • Various user-defined document types to accurately track the origin and status of orders within your business
  • User-defined order holds to control the flow of orders
  • Ability to use multiple currencies and create price schedules for your clients that require foreign currency invoices
  • User-defined order flows to match the way you do business
  • Integrated inventory, customer, financial data to ensure accurate and timely reporting
  • Direct link to purchasing to automatically create purchase orders based on sales order information
  • Ability to easily customize various document forms and assign to customers or groups of customers
  • Track quotes, orders, invoices, returns, and back orders
  • Flexible order entry screen allows you to capture all pertinent information about your customers’ orders

The sales order processing function allows you to easily enter and manage your customers’ orders to ensure accurate and timely processing, and to maintain your customers’ satisfaction.

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