Comprehensive Inventory Management in Dynamics GP on myGPcloud

The inventory control module that is available in both Business Essentials (Plus) and Advanced Management (Plus) includes a rich level of functionality including the following:

  • Ability to track lots and serial numbers, and to maintain costs by lot and serial number
  • Ability to assign A-B-C codes to more efficiently manage inventory
  • Schedule and perform cycle counts to maintain accuracy more efficiently
  • Maintain various cost methods; including standard cost, average, actual (FIFO, LIFO)
  • Accurately track landed costs for shipping, insurance, etc.; and have those costs roll into the inventory costs
  • Track inventory movement and cost by bin, if desired
  • Provide lot traceability
  • Integrated to sales order, invoicing, purchasing, and financial
  • Maintain vendor/item relationships to control and manage procurement
  • Maintain sales kits to easily fulfill orders for bundled items
  • Ability to use In-Transfer inventory movement between inventory locations to maintain control and responsibility
  • Maintain various lot attributes and expiration dates to better manage lot controlled items

Dynamics GP on myGPcloud offers comprehensive inventory control for your business, that is well integrated with other parts of the system.

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