Companies in Bankruptcy choosing Subscription Pricing and Hosting

We have seen an increase in business from companies that are emerging from bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy trustees and remaining management are looking to replace large systems with smaller scale solutions that in many cases add functionality.  What we’re hearing from our new clients is the following:

  • Subscription pricing provides for a minimal upfront investment in business systems
  • Hosted business systems requires no additional systems management personnel
  • Subscription pricing and hosting requires no long term commitment
  • A solid mid-range ERP system can be a good replacement for a large tier-1 system
  • They want flexibility, flexibility, flexibility


We are working with an agriculture company that invested heavily in tier-1 systems for ERP and business intelligence.  At the top of their business cycle, these were good investments that helped them manage their businesses.  With the downsizing they experienced as a result of a weak economy, the investment just doesn’t make sense anymore.  But they are stuck with hefty support and maintenance fees.  They liked the functionality, but cannot support the ongoing expense to maintain the systems.  They’re looking for an alternative.  These are the issues:

  • With a reduced staff, they need to get more done quicker, so the systems have to be easy to use
  • The reporting has to be flexible so that users can get the information they want without having to reach out to IT, or gain a lot of specialized knowledge
  • Out of the box integration, the ability to do more in one system, is a key requirement
  • They need to integrate to some company specific systems that they just can’t get rid of


Dynamics GP meets these requirements at an affordable investment level.

If a big change in your business is causing you to take a fresh look at how you invest in, and use business systems, you should take a good look at a mid-range ERP system offered in a hosted environment with subscription pricing.

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